Rule Rule 123-674-7240

As a consequence of actions taken by an eligible business firm in response to a Determination, it may still comply with the law and, in effect, cure the Noncompliance for purposes of ORS 285C.200 (Qualifications of business firm)(1)(f), such that:


A Noncompliance is not curable if, in the presence of clear and convincing evidence, the Illegal Act in question is:


Heinous, reckless or knowingly perpetrated or allowed to happen as a matter of firm policy; or


Committed within five years of a previous determination relating to the same or similar violation of the law, regardless if the prior violation occurred:


Before authorization;


At a location outside the enterprise zone; or


Under another U.S. state’s or locality’s laws or regulations.


A Noncompliance is also incurable if the total monetary penalty as described in subsection (3)(a) of this rule exceeds a level publicly declared for purposes of this rule and established by the zone sponsor before the Determination became final. According to stipulations in the sponsor’s declaration, this level or levels shall be equal to or greater than:


For a fine or fines levied by a regulatory agency under a single citation or for closely related violations, $100,000; and


Overall, including but not limited to court-imposed damages, $500,000.


A Noncompliance, except as precluded by section (1) or (2) of this rule, may be cured insofar as the firm fully and clearly documents or demonstrates for the county assessor that:


All fines, damages and so forth arising from the Determination have been paid in full, according to the final regulatory or judicial assessment imposed;


The firm promptly submitted to and fulfilled all other applicable penalties and has taken or has demonstrable plans to take all other actions, as required by the court, regulatory authority or similar entity;


The circumstances that led to the Noncompliance have been eliminated and resolved, such that further Noncompliance by the firm of a comparable or more serious nature is not expected to occur; and


It or associated entities have undertaken reasonable efforts to compensate other substantially harmed parties uninvolved with any court action.


The decision to consider a Noncompliance cured happens on a one-time basis and shall not necessarily be subject to neither ongoing action by the firm nor continual verification.
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