Rule Rule 123-674-2300
Initial Processing by Local Zone Manager

Following submission of an Application:


The local zone manager may collect an authorization filing fee as described in OAR 123-668-1700 (Authorization Filing Fee).


The local zone manager shall deny the Application if finding:


The Firm/applicant does not fulfill any basis for eligibility under ORS 285C.135 (Requirements for eligibility);


The Firm/applicant is unwilling or unable to unambiguously commit to an action/obligation as required under ORS 285C.140 (Application for authorization)(2);


The Application was submitted too late as described in OAR 123-674-2000 (AUTHORIZATION PROCESS — Timely Submission) and 123-674-2100 (Allowably Late Applications);


The location of proposed qualified property is outside the enterprise zone boundary and no relevant boundary change is pending (or possible); or


Any other reason that precludes authorization.


Within 15 business days of denial in section (2) of this rule, the local zone manager shall:


Refund any authorization filing fee that was paid;


Write a letter to the Firm/applicant that justifies the denial;


Send copies of the letter to the county assessor, Department of Revenue and the Department; and


Ensure that the letter:


Is sent to the Firm/applicant through certified mail or in such a way that the date of receipt can be verified; and


Contains information on the Firm/applicant’s rights of appeal under ORS 305.404 (Oregon Tax Court) to 305.560 (Appeals procedure generally) to the Magistrate Division of the Oregon Tax Court.


If there is no apparent reason to deny authorization, according to section (2) of this rule, then the local zone manager shall undertake the Preauthorization Conference, inviting the county assessor, to explore any outstanding eligibility issue, extended abatement criteria, matters related to OAR 123-674-4000 (EMPLOYMENT OF FIRMS — Computation of Averages) through 123-674-4600 (Maintaining Sufficient Employment), and so forth.


With respect to a sponsor’s failing to authorize under ORS 285C.140 (Application for authorization)(9), a Firm/applicant may proceed with an appeal after 30 days following the submission of the Application, if no formal action is yet to be taken as described in this rule or in response to special circumstances in OAR 123-674-2500 (Final Processing)(4).


After the Preauthorization Conference, the local zone manager shall approve the Application in order to authorize the Firm/applicant under ORS 285C.140 (Application for authorization)(6), unless determining to deny it as described in sections (2) and (3) of this rule.


If the Firm/applicant’s will locate in an urban enterprise zone that imposes additional conditions under ORS 285C.150 (Conditions required by sponsor for authorization) in effect at the time of authorization, the local zone manager shall:


Approve the Firm/applicant for authorization only if the Firm/applicant has made acceptable commitments to satisfy such conditions; and


Include a standardized attachment to the Application documenting the commitments of the Firm/applicant consistent with OAR 123-668-2500 (Additional Conditions in an Urban Zone).


In five or fewer business days after approval, the local zone manager shall:


Fill out and sign the Approval Form except for the section pertaining to the county assessor;


See that the county assessor has the Approval Form and a copy of the Application (with all current attachments);


Notify the Firm/applicant of the status of the Application, as appropriate; and


Inform the local contact agency for the First Source Hiring Agreement for purposes of OAR 123-070 and 123-674-7000 to 123-674-7730 (Allowing Late Execution of First-Source Agreement).
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