Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-265-0040
Application Review and Approval

(1) The Authority will review an application for licensure as an EMS provider and will conduct a criminal records check in accordance with OAR 333-265-0025 (Application Process to Obtain an EMS Provider License).
(2) If there are no issues that arise during the review of the application and the applicant meets all the requirements of ORS chapter 682 and these rules, the Authority will grant the applicant a license.
(3) If the applicant does not meet the standards for licensure or there are criminal history or personal history issues that call into question the ability of the applicant to perform the duties of a licensed EMS provider in accordance with ORS chapter 682 or these rules, the Authority may deny the applicant on the basis of the information provided in the application, or conduct an investigation in accordance with OAR 333-265-0085 (Investigations).
(4) Following an investigation the Authority may:
(a) Deny the application;
(b) Grant the application but place the applicant on probation;
(c) Grant the application but place practice restrictions on the applicant; or
(d) Grant the application if the criminal or personal history issues were resolved through the investigation to the Authority’s satisfaction.
(5) Final actions taken by the Authority in denying an applicant, placing an applicant on probation, or by placing restrictions on the applicant’s practice shall be done in accordance with ORS chapter 183.
(6) Nothing in this rule precludes the Authority from taking an action authorized in ORS chapter 682.

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