Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-265-0150
Continuing Education Records Audit

(1) The Authority may conduct an audit of a license holder’s continuing education records:
(a) The Authority shall notify the license holder that he or she is being audited and provide him or her with the necessary electronic audit forms and the date the completed forms are to be submitted to the Authority; and
(b) Upon the return of the completed audit forms to the Authority, the Authority shall begin the process of verifying the continuing education records.
(2) If, in the course of an audit of continuing education records, the Authority learns that, contrary to the sworn statement in the application for license renewal or in the official audit form, the license holder has not completed all necessary continuing education requirements, or used fraud or deception in reporting continuing education, the Authority may:
(a) Discipline the license holder as set out in OAR 333-265-0087 (Discipline);
(b) Assess a civil penalty per each hour of deficient continuing education; or
(c) Require the license holder to demonstrate his or her knowledge by taking and passing a cognitive examination conducted by the Authority.
(3) The actions taken by the Authority in section (2) of this rule will be done in accordance with ORS chapter 183.

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