Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-265-0045
Renewal of License

(1) The licenses of EMRs expire on June 30 of even-numbered years.
(2) The licenses of EMTs, Advanced EMTs, EMT-Intermediates and Paramedics expire on June 30 of odd-numbered years.
(3) An applicant for license renewal must:
(a) Complete and sign an application form prescribed by the Authority certifying that the information in the application is correct and truthful;
(b) Meet the requirements of ORS chapter 682 and these rules;
(c) Consent to a criminal records check in accordance with OAR 333-265-0025 (Application Process to Obtain an EMS Provider License);
(d) Provide an authorization for the release of information to the Authority, as necessary, from any persons or entities, including but not limited to employers, educational institutions, hospitals, treatment facilities, institutions, organizations, governmental or law enforcement agencies in order for the Authority to make a complete review of the application.
(e) Complete the continuing education requirements in OAR 333-265-0110 (Continuing Education Requirements for License Renewal); and
(f) Submit a fee specified in OAR 333-265-0030 (Fees for Licensure and License Renewal of an EMS Provider).

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