Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-045-0250
Adult Developmental Disabilities Abuse Rules: Purpose and Scope

(1) These rules, OAR 407-045-0250 (Adult Developmental Disabilities Abuse Rules: Purpose and Scope) to 407-045-0370 (Adult Developmental Disabilities Abuse Rules: County Multidisciplinary Teams), prescribe standards and procedures for the investigation of reported abuse, and assessment for and provision of protective services for adults with developmental disabilities in community programs and facilities, and the nature and content of the abuse investigation and protective services report.
(2) The Department’s Office of Training, Investigations and Safety (OTIS) has the duties, functions and powers of training, coordinating, assisting, directing and approving the services provided by the Community Developmental Disabilities Programs (CDDP) related to these rules. OTIS is responsible to ensure investigations are conducted in a uniform, objective and thorough manner.
(3) For the purpose of carrying out these rules, Community Developmental Disabilities Programs (CDDP) are Department designees as used in ORS 430.731 (Uniform investigation procedures) and 430.735 (Definitions for ORS 430.735 to 430.765) through 430.765 (Duty of officials to report abuse).
(4) OTIS or CDDP shall receive all reports of alleged abuse, assess the need for protective services and conduct thorough and unbiased investigations to make findings as required by ORS 430.735 (Definitions for ORS 430.735 to 430.765) to 430.768 (Claims of self-defense addressed in certain reports of abuse) and these rules.
(5) Minors, who are persons under the age of 18 years old and not considered emancipated, may not be named as an accused person in an abuse investigation conducted under these rules.
(6) Alleged abuse of young adults who are 18 through 20 years old who are receiving 24-hour residential services from a facility licensed by the Department for children with developmental disabilities or certified as a child foster home, shall be immediately reported to the Department’s child abuse reporting hotline for possible action under other Department rules.
(7) Complaints of alleged abuse of adults while:
(a) A student of an educational provider and the accused person is a school employee, contractor, agent, or volunteer of the student’s educational provider shall be reported to OTIS for possible investigation under these rules; or
(b) A patient at the Oregon State Hospital shall be reported to OTIS for possible action under OAR 407-045-0405 (Oregon State Hospital Patient Abuse Investigation Rules: Purpose and Scope) to 407-045-0495 (Oregon State Hospital Patient Abuse Investigation Rules: Disclosure of Investigation Report and Related Documents).

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