Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-045-0285
Adult Developmental Disabilities Abuse Rules: Initial Action on Complaints of Alleged Abuse

(1) OTIS or CDDP receiving a complaint alleging abuse shall document the reported information required by ORS 430.743 (Abuse report) and any additional information reported. OTIS or CDDP shall attempt to elicit the following information from the reporter:
(a) The name, age and present location of the allegedly abused adult;
(b) The names and addresses of the persons, programs or facilities responsible for the adult’s care;
(c) The nature and extent of the alleged abuse, including any evidence of previous abuse;
(d) Any information that led the reporter to suspect abuse had occurred;
(e) Any information that the reporter believes might be helpful in establishing the cause of the abuse and the identity of the AP; and
(f) The date of the incident.
(2) If there is reason to believe a crime has been committed, the investigator shall immediately within one business day notify the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction within the county where the report was made.
(a) The investigator shall follow-up with law enforcement if it was reported a police report was filed to ensure the suspected crime or alleged abuse was reported; and
(b) Obtain copies of any law enforcement reports.
(3) The investigator shall notify the appropriate medical examiner in cases when there is reasonable cause to believe that an adult has died as a result of abuse.
(4) If OTIS receives the initial complaint, OTIS shall gather the information as detailed in section (1) and within one business day begin to:
(a) Screen the complaint for possible OTIS investigation if it involves an educational provider, the state hospital, a state-operated residential treatment facility or a state-operated residential training home; or
(b) Transfer the information to the local CDDP or CMHP investigator for screening, assessment of protective services and investigation if required.
(5) Upon receipt of a complaint of alleged abuse, the investigator shall immediately, within one business day, begin to:
(a) Screen the complaint to determine whether an abuse investigation is required per OAR 407-045-0291 (Adult Developmental Disabilities Abuse Rules: Screening Activities and Initial Notices);
(b) Determine whether the alleged victim sustained any serious injury; and.
(c) Assess the need for protective services per OAR 407-045-0295 (Adult Developmental Disabilities Abuse Rules: Assessment for and Provision of Protective Services to the Adult).
(6) The CDDP shall immediately, but no later than one business day of receiving the complaint, notify DHS it has received a report of abuse and if the reported victim has sustained any serious injury, in the format provided by the Department’s Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS).
(7) Upon receipt of a complaint of alleged abuse, the investigator shall notify:
(a) The case manager of the agency providing primary case management services to the adult; and
(b) The guardian of the adult (if applicable).
(c) Unless the notification would undermine the integrity of the investigation because the guardian or case manager is suspected of committing abuse.
(8) OTIS and CDDP shall maintain all reports of abuse in a confidential location.
(9) Each CDDP shall establish an after-hours reporting system.

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