Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-045-0425
Oregon State Hospital Patient Abuse Investigation Rules: Training for Individuals Investigating Reports of Alleged Abuse

(1) OTIS shall provide sufficient and timely training and consultation to ensure that the investigator is able to conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation and make a determination about the alleged abuse.
(a) Training shall include initial and continuing education to address initial action on complaints, screen and conduct abuse investigations.
(b) The training shall address the cultural and social diversity of Oregon, and focus on the vulnerable populations served and those who provide services, and include trauma-informed practices.
(2) OTIS employees conducting investigations under these rules (OAR 407-045-0405 (Oregon State Hospital Patient Abuse Investigation Rules: Purpose and Scope) to OAR 407-045-0495 (Oregon State Hospital Patient Abuse Investigation Rules: Disclosure of Investigation Report and Related Documents)) are required to participate in the quarterly meetings provided investigators and demonstrate an understanding of investigative core competencies. Core competencies in the areas of:
(a) Interviewing;
(b) Gathering relevant information through records and site visits;
(c) Weighing the evidence; and
(d) Making abuse determinations.

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Jun. 8, 2021