Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-045-1070
Adult Residential Substance Use Disorder Investigation Rules: Abuse Investigation and Protective Services Report

(1) OTIS shall provide HSD Licensing with a completed abuse investigation and protective services assessment report within 60 calendar days of receiving the complaint alleging abuse.
(2) In cases where the investigator cannot complete an investigation within 60 calendar days and for good cause, the investigator shall submit a written request for an extension of time to the OTIS manager.
(a) “Good cause” for an extension means:
(A) When law enforcement is conducting an investigation or in process of prosecution;
(B) A material party or witness is temporarily unavailable; or
(C) New evidence is discovered that leads to additional allegations.
(b) The request shall detail the need for an extension and the length of the extension.
(A) OTIS shall copy HSD Licensing on the OTIS manager approval; and
(B) OTIS shall instruct HSD Licensing to notify the SUD facility licensee of the approved extension and due date.
(3) The completed abuse investigation report shall include:
(a) A statement of the allegation being investigated for each alleged victim and AP;
(b) A list of all witnesses interviewed, and a summary of the relevant information provided by each witness with SUD resident names deidentified;
(c) A summary of findings and a conclusion concerning the allegation of abuse;
(d) A specific finding of substantiated or not substantiated for each allegation investigated except those allegations approved to be closed without abuse determination;
(e) The name and title of the investigator completing the report; and
(f) The name and title of the manager who reviewed the report.
(4) OTIS may review and consult with HSD Licensing when necessary on the abuse finding, prior to closure.

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