Oregon Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Programs

Rule Rule 413-015-0300
Cross Reporting Defined

Child Welfare and law enforcement agencies are required by ORS 419B.015 (Report form and content) to notify each other when a report of abuse, as defined in ORS 419B.005 (Definitions) or ORS 418.205 (Definitions for ORS 418.205 to 418.327, 418.470, 418.475, 418.950 to 418.970 and 418.992 to 418.998) - 418.327 (Licensing of private residential boarding schools), is received. This process is known as cross reporting, and the notification is called a cross report. OAR 413-015-0300 (Cross Reporting Defined) to 413-015-0310 (Child Welfare Documentation and Verification Requirements) explain when and how a report of abuse received by Child Welfare or a law enforcement agency is cross reported. Information is not cross reported until it is received.

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Jun. 8, 2021