Oregon Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Programs

Rule Rule 413-015-0475
CPS Assessment Documentation, Completion, and Supervisory Review Requirements


The CPS worker must record assessment activities and information gathered during the CPS assessment process.


The CPS worker must complete the CPS assessment and electronically submit the CPS assessment for review by a CPS supervisor, within 60 calendar days of the day that the information alleging abuse is received by the screener, except as provided in OAR 413-015-0480 (CPS Assessment Extensions), “CPS Assessment Extensions.”


The completion of the CPS assessment must not interfere with the timely development of the initial case plan as required in OAR 413-040-0010 (Requirements for the Case Plan) when Child Welfare is granted temporary custody of the child during the CPS assessment.


A CPS supervisor or designee must review and approve a completed CPS assessment within five business days of the electronic submission of the assessment by the CPS worker. After the assessment is reviewed by a CPS supervisor, if the alleged perpetrator is an employee of any program, office or division of the Department or OYA, the CPS Supervisor must inform the Department’s Office of Human Resources of the disposition. If the disposition is founded or substantiated, the CPS supervisor must also inform the Department’s Office of Human Resources of the type of abuse. The CPS supervisor must document the notification in the Child Welfare electronic information system.
(5) Each local Child Welfare office may designate an individual to electronically enter into the Child Welfare electronic information system the verification of the completed review and approval of a CPS assessment by a CPS supervisor or designee.

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Jun. 8, 2021