Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Regulation

Rule Rule 836-071-0230
Continuing Education; Course Qualification Guidelines


An insurance producer may receive credit for a course on one or more of the following general subject matters if the course also meets the requirements of OAR 836-071-0225 (Continuing Education; Standards for Granting Credit Hours):




Insurance fundamentals;


Tax laws related to the license class;


Policy contents;


Proper uses of insurance products;


Oregon Insurance Code and administrative rules;


Technical information related to the insurance license classes of general lines, life and health;


Insurance law;


Insurance policies and coverage;


Contract law;


Insurance needs;


Insurance risk management;




Estate planning;


Pension plans;


Financial planning;






General underwriting principles;


Prevention of errors and omissions;


Office management, client relations or improving the operations of the insurance producer’s business, or any combination thereof;


Any other subject matter that the Director determines will enhance the ability of an insurance producer to provide insurance services to the public effectively.


An insurance producer may claim not more than four hours of credit in a renewal period for a course on the subject matter described in section (1)(u) of this rule.


An insurance producer may not receive credit for the following types of courses:


A course designed solely to prepare a person for a license examination;


A course in mechanical, office or business skill, including but not limited to typing, speed reading or the use of calculators or other machines or equipment;


A course in sales promotion;


A course in motivation, salesmanship, stress management, time management, psychology, writing or motivational and promotional communication;


A course in personnel management or recruiting;


Any product not available for sale to Oregon consumers;


Securities, other than variable life and variable annuities.

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Jun. 8, 2021