Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Regulation

Rule Rule 836-071-0425
Limited License Renewal


A limited license expires on the last day of the month in which the second anniversary of the initial issuance date occurs. Thereafter, the limited license shall expire on the second anniversary following each renewal.


A limited licensee applying for renewal must submit the following to the director electronically as set forth on the website of the National Insurance Producer Registry in accordance with instructions located on the Insurance Division website at www.insurance.oregon.gov. The renewal application must include:


A completed renewal application on the form entitled “Renewal Notice for Self-Service Storage Insurance Vendors.” must be returned to the director electronically in accordance with instructions set forth on Insurance Division website not later than the limited license expiration date.


An updated certification by the supervising entity or the limited licensee that all employees, agents and authorized representatives involved in the issuance, sale or offering for sale of self-service storage coverage to customers have completed or will complete the training program outlined in section (2)(c) of this rule, prior to issuing, selling or offering for sale self -service storage insurance coverage.


An outline of and copies of materials the licensee uses in the training program. The director may request copies of materials annually or at renewal and at the time of any change in materials. The entity must present a complete copy of materials at renewal. In addition, materials the entity must present the materials at the time of any change and at any time upon the request of the director.


A renewal fee of $200.


The director may allow a limited licensee not more than 30 days after the limited license expiration date to submit missing information on the renewal application form if the renewal application, fees, certification and disclosure materials have been submitted on or before the expiration date.


The director may request on the renewal application any information requested on the original application for a limited license.


An expired limited license may be renewed up to one year after the limited license expiration date. The fee to renew an expired limited license is $250.

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Jun. 8, 2021