Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Regulation

Rule Rule 836-071-0235
Provider Registration


A provider of continuing education courses must register with the Director in order to register courses under OAR 836-071-0240 (Course Registration). A provider must register electronically in the method required by the Director. The registration of a provider shall include the provider’s business name, main business address, the business telephone number, email address and the name of a contact person. If a provider is a firm or corporation or a trade association, registration shall also include the names of all principal officers.


A provider shall notify the Director of any change in the address, telephone number, email address or contact person of the provider within 30 days after any such change takes effect.


Subject to revocation of registration under OAR 836-071-0245 (Revocation of Provider Registration), a provider registration expires on the second January 1 following the date of registration.


A provider is subject to rejection of registration by the Director if the provider fails to meet any requirement of OAR 836-071-0215 (Continuing Education Requirements for Insurance Producers; Hours; Credit for Experience and Coursework) to 836-071-0250 (Credit for Unregistered Courses) applicable to the provider or to courses offered by the provider, or if any of its employees or contractors who supervise or conduct and certify completion of a course:


Has a history of noncompliance with insurance statutes or rules; or


Has had an insurance producer license or other insurance license revoked, suspended or refused because of violations of or noncompliance with insurance statutes or rules.

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Jun. 8, 2021