Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Regulation

Rule Rule 836-071-0420
Requirements for Limited Licensee, List of Employees Selling Coverage; Training Program


A limited licensee shall maintain at all times standard operating procedures to assure that all employees, agents and authorized representatives are authorized to issue, sell or offer for self-service storage unit property insurance coverage to a customer. The training program must instruct the employees or agents about the coverage the insurance provides and about the provisions of sections 2 to 8, chapter 280, Oregon Laws 2013. The limited licensee must provide a description of these procedures to the director at anytime that a change is made, at the time that the limited license is renewed or at any time at the request of the director.


A limited licensee must ensure that the information required under section 280 chapter 280 Oregon Laws 2013, is included in any training program for the limited licensee’s employees, agents and authorized representatives who will be issuing, selling or offering for sale self-service storage insurance coverage. The licensee must maintain a list of all employees trained to sell coverage. The licensee must provide the list to the director upon request, within 21 calendar days.


A limited licensee must provide certification by the entity or the applicant that the written disclosure materials made available to prospective customers will be maintained by the entity or the applicant for a period of seven years and must be made available to the Department of Consumer and Business Services director upon request within 21 calendar days.

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Jun. 8, 2021