Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Regulation

Rule Rule 836-071-0336
Factors to be Considered by the Director

The Director shall consider at least the following factors when deliberating upon a consent application :


The legitimate interest of the Director or the insurer for whom the activities would be performed in protecting property and the safety and welfare of specific individuals, businesses or the general public.


Whether the applicant or someone on the applicant’s behalf has made a materially false or misleading statement or omission in the application process.


The nature of the circumstances surrounding, and the seriousness of, the offense or offenses.


Whether the applicant has been charged with, indicted or convicted of multiple criminal offenses.


What evidence exists of the applicant’s rehabilitation, including good conduct in prison, on probation or on parole; good conduct in the community; counseling or psychiatric treatment received; acquisition of additional academic or vocational schooling; successful participation in correctional work-release programs; and the recommendation of persons who have or have had the applicant under their supervision (for example, letters of recommendation from prosecutors, law enforcement or correctional officers who have prosecuted, arrested or had custodial responsibility for the applicant, and letters of recommendation from the sheriff or chief of police in the community in which the applicant resides or has resided).


Whether all members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners were notified in a timely manner of the applicant’s request and any relevant information regarding the fitness of the applicant received from members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


Whether licensing the applicant or issuing the person a written consent to engage in the business of insurance would be consistent with the public interest, with federal and state law, with applicable court orders and with the determination that the applicant is trustworthy to conduct the business of insurance.

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