Uniform Trust Code

ORS 130.575
Effect of advancement on distribution


If the value of an advancement made to a beneficiary under ORS 130.570 (Advancement against share of trust) exceeds the beneficiary’s share in the trust estate, the beneficiary shall be excluded from any further share of the trust estate, but the beneficiary is not required to refund any part of the advancement. If the value of the beneficiary’s share in the trust estate is greater than the value of all property received as advancements, the beneficiary is entitled to receive from the trust estate the balance of the share owing to the beneficiary after deducting all amounts received as advancements.


For the purpose of determining the shares of the beneficiaries of either a residuary gift or a class gift under a trust, the value of all advancements made by the settlor to beneficiaries of such gift shall be added to the value of the total property distributed pursuant to the gift, the sum then divided among all beneficiaries of the gift, and the value of the advancement then deducted from the share of the beneficiary to whom the advancement was made. [Formerly 128.397]
Chapter 130

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42 WLR 187 (2006)


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