Uniform Trust Code

ORS 130.680
UTC 807. Delegation by trustee


A trustee may delegate duties and powers that a prudent trustee of comparable skills could properly delegate under the circumstances. The trustee shall exercise reasonable care, skill and caution in:


Selecting an agent;


Establishing the scope and terms of the delegation, consistent with the purposes and terms of the trust; and


Periodically reviewing the agent’s actions in order to monitor the agent’s performance and compliance with the terms of the delegation.


In performing a delegated function, an agent owes a duty to the trust to exercise reasonable care to comply with the terms of the delegation.


A trustee who complies with subsection (1) of this section is not liable to the beneficiaries or to the trust for an action of the agent.


By accepting a delegation of powers or duties from the trustee of a trust that is subject to this state’s law, an agent submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of this state. [2005 c.348 §65]

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Chapter 130

Law Review Citations

42 WLR 187 (2006)


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