General Provisions

ORS 161.615
Maximum terms of imprisonment for misdemeanors

Sentences for misdemeanors shall be for a definite term. The court shall fix the term of imprisonment within the following maximum limitations:


For a Class A misdemeanor, 364 days.


For a Class B misdemeanor, 6 months.


For a Class C misdemeanor, 30 days.


For an unclassified misdemeanor, as provided in the statute defining the crime. [1971 c.743 §75; 2017 c.706 §22]

Notes of Decisions

Because sentencing guidelines do not apply to misdemeanor convictions, trial court did not err by requiring defendant to serve consecutive misdemeanor sentences after serving prison term for felony conviction. State v. Miller, 114 Or App 235, 835 P2d 131 (1992)

§§ 161.605 to 161.685

Law Review Citations

51 OLR 433, 476, 489 (1972)

Chapter 161

Notes of Decisions

A juvenile court adjudication of whether or not a child committed acts which would be a criminal violation if committed by an adult must necessarily include an adjudication of all affirmative defenses that would be available to an adult being tried for the same criminal violation. State ex rel Juvenile Dept. v. L.J., 26 Or App 461, 552 P2d 1322 (1976)

Law Review Citations

2 EL 237 (1971); 51 OLR 427-637 (1972)

Chapter 161

Criminal Code


Notes of Decisions

Legislature's adoption of 1971 Criminal Code did not abolish doctrine of transferred intent. State v. Wesley, 254 Or App 697, 295 P3d 1147 (2013), Sup Ct review denied


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