Campaign Finance Regulation

ORS 260.035
Treasurer and statement of organization for political committees and candidates

  • change in information


Not later than the third business day after a political committee first receives a contribution or makes an expenditure, the political committee shall:


Appoint a treasurer who shall be an elector of this state;


Certify the name and address of the treasurer to the filing officer; and


File a statement of organization under ORS 260.039 (Content of statement of organization of candidate or principal campaign committee) or 260.042 (Content of statement of organization of political committee).


A candidate may serve as the candidate’s own treasurer or may appoint and certify to the filing officer the name and address of a treasurer. A candidate’s treasurer shall perform all the duties prescribed for the candidate under ORS 260.035 (Treasurer and statement of organization for political committees and candidates) to 260.156 (Rules for reporting expenditures and contributions).


Contributions shall be received and expenditures made by or through the treasurer of the political committee or the candidate or the treasurer of a principal campaign committee.


Any change in information required under this section shall be indicated in an amended certification filed not later than the 10th day after the change in information. [1971 c.749 §3; 1973 c.744 §2; 1977 c.829 §20; 1979 c.190 §340; 1991 c.719 §62; 1999 c.999 §3; 2011 c.652 §4]
§§ 260.005 to 260.255

Notes of Decisions

Disclosure requirements, specifically with respect to third parties, do not infringe on right to associate for political purposes and are constitutional. Oregon Socialist Workers v. Paulus, 432 F Supp 1255 (1977)

Chapter 260

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application to committee collecting contributions to establish fund to defray elected official's expenses incurred in performing political functions of office, (1980) Vol 40, p 11; preemption by federal law of campaign financing with respect to federal candidates, (1981) Vol 41, p 420

Law Review Citations

50 OLR 299-321 (1971); 55 OLR 253-266 (1976)


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