Campaign Finance Regulation

ORS 260.556
Secretary of State prohibited from counting petition signatures obtained by certain persons

The Secretary of State may not include in a count under ORS 250.045 (Prospective petition) (3) or 250.105 (Petition filing requirements) or ORS chapter 249 for purposes of determining whether an initiative, referendum or recall petition or a prospective petition for a state measure to be initiated contains the required number of signatures of electors, any signatures obtained by a person who the secretary determines, during the five-year period prior to the date the signatures were obtained:


Has been convicted for a criminal offense involving fraud, forgery or identification theft in any state;


Has had a civil penalty imposed under ORS 260.995 (Civil penalties) for a violation of ORS 250.048 (Registration and training for paid petition circulators) or 260.262 (Accounts of chief petitioners); or


Has had a civil or criminal penalty imposed for violation of a statute subject to a criminal penalty under ORS 260.993 (Criminal penalties). [2009 c.533 §13]
Chapter 260

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application to committee collecting contributions to establish fund to defray elected official's expenses incurred in performing political functions of office, (1980) Vol 40, p 11; preemption by federal law of campaign financing with respect to federal candidates, (1981) Vol 41, p 420

Law Review Citations

50 OLR 299-321 (1971); 55 OLR 253-266 (1976)


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