Campaign Finance Regulation

ORS 260.365
Election or appointment after deprivation of nomination or office for violation


A person nominated or elected to public office, and whose nomination or election has been annulled for violation of an election law, shall not serve, during the term of the office, in any office or vacancy in any office or position of trust, honor or emolument, whether elected or appointed, in this state.


An appointment or election to an office or position of trust, honor or emolument made in violation of subsection (1) of this section shall be void. [Formerly 260.470; 1979 c.190 §368]

Notes of Decisions

Person was not qualified to be candidate for office of State Treasurer in general election because, if elected, she could not qualify at the beginning of her term as result of disability imposed upon her under this section. McAlmond v. Myers, 262 Or 521, 500 P2d 457 (1972)

Chapter 260

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application to committee collecting contributions to establish fund to defray elected official's expenses incurred in performing political functions of office, (1980) Vol 40, p 11; preemption by federal law of campaign financing with respect to federal candidates, (1981) Vol 41, p 420

Law Review Citations

50 OLR 299-321 (1971); 55 OLR 253-266 (1976)


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