Interagency Services

ORS 283.305
Definitions for ORS 283

As used in ORS 283.305 (Definitions for ORS 283) to 283.350 (Use of Oregon Department of Administrative Services Operating Fund for automotive purposes):


“Alternative fuel” means natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methanol, ethanol, any fuel mixture containing at least 85 percent methanol or ethanol and electricity.


“Authorized driver” means any of the following who has a valid driver license and an acceptable driving record:


A salaried state employee, including an agent of the state;


A volunteer, appointed in writing, whose written description of duties includes driving motor vehicles;


An agency client required to drive motor vehicles as part of a rehabilitation or treatment program authorized by law;


Any personnel of any unit of government whose use of motor vehicles is permitted by an authorized intergovernmental agreement; and


An adult in custody in a correctional institution with specific Department of Corrections approval who is accompanied by a supervising correctional institution employee or who is performing a specific work assignment driving a special purpose vehicle required for that assignment and within the visual range of a supervising correctional institution employee who is at the work assignment site or who is part of the transport caravan.


“Motor vehicles” includes state-owned, leased or otherwise controlled motor vehicles and the supplies, parts and equipment for the operation, maintenance or repair of such motor vehicles.


“Official state business” means activity conducted by a state agency that advances the lawful policies of the agency as specified by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services by rule.


“Standard passenger vehicle” means a motor vehicle that is commonly known as a sedan or a station wagon and that is not equipped with special or unusual equipment.


“State agency” or “agency” includes the Legislative Assembly, at its option, or any of its statutory, standing, special or interim committees, at the option of such committee. [Formerly 291.702; 1991 c.399 §4; 1993 c.335 §1; 1997 c.848 §1; 2007 c.71 §83; 2011 c.637 §89; 2019 c.213 §60]


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