Interagency Services

ORS 283.343
Compliance examination on use of state-owned vehicles

At least biennially, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall examine compliance with rules adopted pursuant to ORS 283.340 (Policy) by state agencies owning vehicles. The department shall submit biennially to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee a management report on state-owned motor vehicles that includes:


Summaries of agency compliance examinations, with specific emphasis on noncomplying state agency fleets;


Numbers of motor vehicles, listed by model and by state agency;


Mileage utilization of motor vehicles, listed by state agency;


Operating cost per mile of motor vehicles, listed by state agency; and


Recommendations for increasing motor vehicle utilization, for decreasing the overall motor vehicle population, for increasing the percentage of zero-emission vehicles within the motor pool and agency fleets and for absorbing noncomplying state agency fleets into the motor pool. [1993 c.335 §11; 2019 c.565 §6]


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