Interagency Services

ORS 283.315
Establishing motor pools


The Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall establish a motor pool for the common use of state agencies and public agencies that have entered into intergovernmental agreements with the department in accordance with ORS chapter 190 for the purpose of establishing a motor pool for common use. The motor pool shall consist of vehicles, supplies, services, facilities and equipment necessary to enable the department, other state agencies and public agencies to meet the department’s and the agencies’ transportation and related needs. Subject to the requirements set forth in subsection (2) of this section, the department may also establish in the state such subsidiary motor pools under the direct control or under the supervision of a state agency as are necessary.


The department shall establish policies, methods and means by which the department, other state agencies and public agencies described in subsection (1) of this section can acquire, share, maintain, use, repair and dispose of motor pool resources cost-effectively and efficiently, with particular attention to avoiding overuse or underuse of motor pool resources. The department shall establish one or more programs with other public agencies in which the department evaluates the effectiveness of different alternatives before adopting a particular policy, method or means for meeting the requirements of this section. The department shall specifically consider such methods as consolidating vehicle storage and maintenance services and increasing ridesharing opportunities among agencies for persons who use motor pool resources.


After consulting and coordinating with a public agency with which the department has an intergovernmental agreement under ORS chapter 190 for establishing and using a motor pool, the department may amend the intergovernmental agreement to reflect the policies, methods and means the department establishes under subsection (2) of this section.


The department shall submit a report that describes the department’s actions and evaluates the costs, benefits and effectiveness of the actions at least once each biennium to the committees of the Legislative Assembly that the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate designate.


This section does not apply to the department’s, a state agency’s or another public agency’s procuring and equipping a motor vehicle that is used for emergency services, as defined in ORS 401.025 (Definitions for ORS chapter 401). [Formerly 291.706; 1993 c.335 §2a; 2011 c.453 §1]


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