Interagency Services

ORS 283.320
Transfer to pool or sale of vehicles

  • reimbursement


The Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall study and ascertain the present needs for motor vehicles and shall authorize transfer to the pool or the sale of vehicles found not to be required by state agencies.


Where any motor vehicle so transferred from any agency was purchased by the agency from a dedicated fund or trust fund, as defined in ORS 291.002 (Definitions), an amount equal to the depreciated value of the vehicle shall be paid to the agency within 10 years after the vehicle’s acquisition by the department, or, at the option of the department, shall be entered upon the accounts of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services Operating Fund as a credit in favor of the agency from which the vehicle was transferred, and any charges thereafter made to such agency, pursuant to ORS 283.350 (Use of Oregon Department of Administrative Services Operating Fund for automotive purposes), for transportation furnished to the agency, shall be offset against such credit until the entire amount of the credit has been utilized. [Formerly 291.708; 1993 c.335 §3]


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