Interagency Services

ORS 283.419
Department to develop and administer asbestos abatement standards, plans and procedures

The Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall develop and administer standards, plans and procedures for the abatement of asbestos by all agencies in all state-owned, leased or operated facilities. Standards, plans and procedures include development of:


A survey of all state-owned, leased or operated facilities to identify the presence, nature and condition of or the absence of asbestos-containing materials in each one.


An establishment of priorities of facilities for abatement in order of the nature or extent of asbestos exposure they present.


Specifications and standards for acceptable asbestos abatement practices, projects and materials management.


A checklist to guide and advise agency investigation, planning and implementation of asbestos abatement.


Standard bid specifications, criteria for awarding bids and contract language for asbestos related contracts.


A state government emergency response plan to deal with any facilities presenting extreme and immediate risk.


Employee awareness, training and worker protection plans.


Such other standards, plans and procedures as the department may require for the safe and economical abatement of asbestos by agencies. [1989 c.1037 §3; 2005 c.22 §202]
Note: See note under 283.415 (Legislative findings).


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