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ORS 326.125
Office of School Facilities

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For the purpose of assisting school districts with capital costs, the Office of School Facilities is established within the Department of Education. The office shall be responsible for:


Distributing hardship grants to school districts with facility needs. Grants awarded under this section may not exceed $500,000 and shall be provided to school districts based on the order in which the Department of Education receives the completed applications for the grants. A school district may be eligible for a grant under this subsection if the school district meets requirements established by the State Board of Education by rule, including any requirements to provide matching funds.


Providing technical assistance and establishing and maintaining standards for facilities assessments and long-range facilities plans for school districts.


Administering a certification program for qualified providers of technical assistance for the purposes described in subsection (2) of this section.


Providing grants to school districts for the cost of technical assistance for the purposes described in subsection (2) of this section. The State Board of Education may establish by rule requirements for a school district to receive a grant under this subsection. Grants for a school district under this subsection may not exceed:


$20,000 for a facilities assessment;


$25,000 for a long-range facilities plan;


$25,000 for an assessment of school district facilities for potential environmental hazards under ORS 332.331 (Healthy and Safe Schools Plan); and


$25,000 for a seismic assessment or other specialized assessment.


Maintaining the Oregon School Facilities Database. The database must include information that:


Assists with analyzing, planning and prioritizing school capital improvement needs for school districts by providing district-to-district and school-to-school comparisons; and


Is required by the State Board of Education by rule.


Administering the grant program described in ORS 286A.801 (Matching fund grants to school districts).


Administering a statewide facilities assessment program. [2015 c.783 §5; 2017 c.700 §4; 2021 c.678 §10]


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