State Administration of Education

ORS 326.432
Early Learning System Director


The Department of Early Learning and Care is under the supervision and control of the Early Learning System Director, who is responsible for the performance of the duties, functions and powers of the department.


The director shall be appointed by the Governor and serves at the pleasure of the Governor.


The director shall receive such salary as may be provided by law or, if not so provided, as may be fixed by the Governor, and shall be reimbursed for all expenses actually and necessarily incurred by the director in the performance of official duties.


Subject to any applicable provisions of ORS chapter 240, the director shall appoint all subordinate officers and employees of the department, prescribe their duties and fix their compensation.


The director may apply for, receive and accept grants, gifts or other payments, including property or services from any governmental or other public or private person, and may make arrangement to use the receipts, including for undertaking special studies and other projects that relate to the costs of child care and access to child care. [2021 c.631 §12]
Note: 326.432 (Early Learning System Director) becomes operative January 1, 2023. See section 64, chapter 631, Oregon Laws 2021.


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