State Administration of Education

ORS 326.547
Public education facility information database


The Department of Education shall establish and maintain a public education facility information database as provided by this section.




The database required by this section shall provide information on preschool facilities and facilities serving any grades in kindergarten through grade 12 and any related auxiliary buildings and properties. The department may require school districts and education service districts to provide the following information to the department for inclusion in the database:


The name of the facility;


The square footage of the facility;


The year the facility was built;


The major renovations made to the facility in the preceding 30 years;


The outstanding bonded indebtedness of the school district or education service district;


The year, amount and purpose of the last bond request approved by voters of the school district or education service district;


Operations and maintenance costs of the facility;


Technical upgrades needed for the facility;


Health and safety upgrades needed for the facility;


Energy usage of the facility; and


Other publicly available information about the facility.


In addition to the requirements of paragraph (a) of this subsection, the database required by this section:


Must be accessible by the public; and


May include functions and other options that are available only to the Department of Education and to school districts.


If a school district or education service district is unable to provide any of the information required under subsection (2) of this section from existing data or without acquiring additional resources, the school district or education service district may request a waiver of the requirement for that information from the Superintendent of Public Instruction.


The department may enter into a contract with a public or private entity for the purpose of maintaining the facility information database described in this section. [2013 c.773 §4]


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