State Administration of Education

ORS 326.425
Early Learning Council

  • purposes
  • members
  • rules


The Early Learning Council is established.


The council is established to coordinate a unified and aligned system of early learning services for the purposes of ensuring that:


Children enter school ready to learn; and


Families are healthy, stable and attached.


The Early Learning Council shall accomplish the purposes described in subsection (2) of this section by:


Designating a committee to serve as the state advisory council for purposes of the federal Head Start Act, as provided by ORS 417.796 (Early childhood education and development programs and services).


Coordinating an integrated system that aligns the delivery of early learning services.


Coordinating the Oregon Early Learning System created by ORS 417.727 (Oregon Early Learning System).


The council consists of members appointed as provided by subsections (5) and (6) of this section.


(a) The Governor shall appoint nine voting members who are appointed for a term of four years and serve at the pleasure of the Governor. A person appointed under this subsection may not be appointed to serve more than two consecutive full terms as a council member.


When determining whom to appoint to the council under this subsection, the Governor shall:


Ensure that each congressional district of this state is represented;


Ensure that at least one member represents the tribes of this state;


Ensure that at least one member represents the workforces for child care and early learning;


Ensure that each member meets the following qualifications:


Demonstrates leadership skills in civics or the member’s profession;


To the greatest extent practicable, contributes to the council’s representation of the geographic, ethnic, gender, racial and economic diversity of this state; and
(iii) Contributes to the council’s expertise, knowledge and experience in early childhood development, early childhood care, early childhood education, family financial stability, populations disproportionately burdened by poor education outcomes and outcome-based best practices; and


Solicit recommendations from the Speaker of the House of Representatives for at least two members and from the President of the Senate for at least two members.


In addition to the members appointed under subsection (5) of this section, the Governor shall appoint nonvoting, ex officio members who represent relevant state agencies.


The activities of the council shall be directed and supervised by the Early Learning System Director who is appointed by the Governor and serves at the pleasure of the Governor.


In accordance with applicable provisions of ORS chapter 183, the council may adopt rules necessary for the administration of the laws that the council is charged with administering. [2011 c.519 §4; 2012 c.36 §§22a,22b; 2012 c.37 §3; 2015 c.774 §§14,14a,44; 2019 c.395 §§1,2]


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