State Administration of Education

ORS 326.320
Fees for supplies and publications provided by department


Except as otherwise provided by law or by rules of the State Board of Education, the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall establish and collect fees for supplies and publications compiled and furnished by the Department of Education and distributed or sold to other persons or groups. The fees may not exceed costs of production plus mailing and other distribution costs.


The superintendent shall deposit all moneys received under subsection (1) of this section in the Education Cash Account established by ORS 327.485 (Education Cash Account). The Department of Education shall keep a record of all moneys deposited in the account. The record shall indicate by separate cumulative accounts the source from which the moneys are derived and the individual activity against which each withdrawal is charged. [1965 c.100 §12; 1979 c.570 §1; 1993 c.45 §14; 2011 c.313 §1]


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