Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century

ORS 329.005
Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century

  • duties of department
  • evaluation by legislature


This chapter shall be known as the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century.


The Department of Education shall be the coordinating agency for furthering implementation of this chapter. This chapter shall be subject to review by the Legislative Assembly.


The appropriate legislative interim committee shall:


Develop the form and content expected of the ongoing review described in this section;


Notify the appropriate agencies of expectations; and


Receive and evaluate regular reports from the Department of Education and other public agencies.


This review outline may be changed as needed in succeeding years. [Subsections (3) and (4) enacted as 1991 c.693 §1a; 1993 c.45 §22; subsections (1) and (2) formerly 326.705; 2003 c.303 §1]
Chapter 329

Notes of Decisions

Oregon Educational Act for 21st Century does not facially violate students' rights under First Amendment to United States Constitution. Tennison v. Paulus, 144 F3d 1285 (9th Cir. 1998)


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