Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century

ORS 329.145
Definitions for ORS 329.150 and 329.155

As used in ORS 329.150 (Services for children and families at school site) and 329.155 (Standards for education programs and programs providing services for children and families):


“Families” means a group of individuals related by blood, marriage or adoption, or individuals whose functional relationships are similar to those found in such associations. The family’s purpose is the security, support, nurturance, love, transmission of values and facilitation of each member’s growth and development, and is the primary social unit affecting a child’s well-being.


“Services” means education and all other programs and services addressing one or more of a child’s six basic needs as follows: stimulus, nutrition, health, safety, nurturance and shelter.


“Young children” means children zero through six years of age. [Formerly 326.785; 2012 c.37 §37a]
Chapter 329

Notes of Decisions

Oregon Educational Act for 21st Century does not facially violate students' rights under First Amendment to United States Constitution. Tennison v. Paulus, 144 F3d 1285 (9th Cir. 1998)


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