Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century

ORS 329.085
Assessment of schools and school districts required

  • report
  • standards


To facilitate the attainment and successful implementation of educational standards under ORS 326.051 (Board functions) (1)(a) and 329.025 (Characteristics of school system), the State Board of Education or its designee shall assess the effectiveness of each public school, public charter school and school district. The findings of the assessment shall be reported to the school or school district within six months.


The board shall establish the standards, including standards of accessibility to educational opportunities, upon which the assessment is based.


On a periodic basis, the board shall review school and school district standards and credit and performance requirements. The board shall seek public input in this process. [Formerly 326.755; 1995 c.660 §10a; 1997 c.17 §1; 2007 c.858 §6]
Chapter 329

Notes of Decisions

Oregon Educational Act for 21st Century does not facially violate students' rights under First Amendment to United States Constitution. Tennison v. Paulus, 144 F3d 1285 (9th Cir. 1998)


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