Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century

ORS 329.860
Outreach to students no longer attending school

Education service districts, school districts or schools, or any combination thereof, may contact any eligible elementary or secondary school student and the student’s family if the student has ceased to attend school to encourage the student’s enrollment in an education program that may include alternative learning options. If the student or the family cannot be located, the name and last-known address shall be reported to the school nearest the address. The school shall attempt to determine if that student or family is being provided services by this state and shall seek to assist the student or family in any appropriate manner. [Formerly 336.157; 1995 c.278 §41; 1995 c.660 §44; 1997 c.652 §24; 2003 c.303 §13; 2007 c.858 §26]
Chapter 329

Notes of Decisions

Oregon Educational Act for 21st Century does not facially violate students' rights under First Amendment to United States Constitution. Tennison v. Paulus, 144 F3d 1285 (9th Cir. 1998)


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