Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century

ORS 329.156

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  • technical assistance


The Department of Education and the Department of Human Services shall support the development and implementation of a network of community learning centers across the state.


Within available funding, the Early Learning Division, in conjunction with other organizations that provide training and technical assistance to schools or community programs, shall provide training and technical assistance to promote the development and implementation of community learning centers. To the extent possible, the division shall use voluntary organizations to provide the training and technical assistance.


Community learning centers created pursuant to this section shall:


Be located in or near a school or a cluster of schools;


Involve parents in the care and education of their children;


Involve the local community in developing and overseeing community learning center programs;


Incorporate the principles of family support services described in ORS 329.150 (Services for children and families at school site) and 417.342 (Family support services);


In partnership with the local school district board, create or designate an advisory committee to offer guidance on program development and implementation, with membership that is representative of the diversity of community interests, including representatives of businesses, schools, faith-based organizations, social service and health care agencies, cultural groups, recreation groups, municipal governments, community colleges, libraries, child care providers, parents and youths; and


Conduct an assessment of strengths, needs and assets within the community to be served by the community learning center that identifies services being delivered in the community, defines and clarifies services that are missing or overlapping and builds on any existing community assessments.


The Department of Human Services and the Department of Education shall provide technical assistance to community learning centers to develop policies ensuring that confidential information is disclosed only in accordance with state and federal laws. [2001 c.759 §5; 2005 c.503 §16; 2012 c.37 §§39,86; 2013 c.624 §§24,25]
Chapter 329

Notes of Decisions

Oregon Educational Act for 21st Century does not facially violate students' rights under First Amendment to United States Constitution. Tennison v. Paulus, 144 F3d 1285 (9th Cir. 1998)


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