Local Administration of Education

ORS 332.105
General duties of board


The general duties of district school boards are:


To cause to be used in the district state blanks, registers and other forms, whenever supplied and required by the state.


To perform such other duties as the wants of the district may from time to time demand.


The district school board may participate in the activities of and may become members of associations of school boards. When provided for in an approved school district budget, the board may pay from school district funds annual dues to such association. [Formerly 332.050; 1965 c.100 §141; 1967 c.326 §1; 1969 c.541 §2]
§§ 332.072 to 332.111

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Contribution of school district funds to private nonprofit association to conduct summer recreation program for children, (1977) Vol 38, p 1636


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