Local Administration of Education

ORS 332.554
Notice of reasonable assurance of continued employment

  • when sent
  • effect of failure to give notice


Each school district shall give an individual, written notice of reasonable assurance of continued employment to all classified school employees who are to perform services in the same or a similar capacity during a subsequent academic year or term or in the period immediately following a recess period. Such notice shall be given by May 30 of each year for employees employed as of that date and as of the date of hire for employees employed subsequent to May 30.


No liability shall accrue from failure to give the notice required by subsection (1) of this section or from the timing or contents thereof on the part of the school district. However, the State Board of Education shall enforce the provisions of subsection (1) of this section.


As used in this section, “classified school employee” includes all employees of a public school district except those for whom a teaching or administrative license is required as a basis for employment in a public school district. [Formerly 342.617]


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