Local Administration of Education

ORS 332.118
Election laws applicable

  • duties of Secretary of State
  • requirements for petitioners

Except as provided in ORS 255.400 (Definitions for ORS 255.400 to 255.424) to 255.424 (Notice requirements to bring action):


Unless specifically provided otherwise, ORS chapter 255 governs the following:


The nomination and election of school directors.


The conduct of all school district elections.


ORS 249.865 (Filing prospective petition) to 249.877 (Statement of justification by public officer) govern the recall of school board members.


The Secretary of State has supervising authority over all elections conducted by school districts and over elections conducted by a district boundary board.


A petition for a proposed change or merger under ORS 330.095 (Request or petition for change or merger), a remonstrance petition under ORS 330.101 (Notice), a petition for zoning under ORS 332.128 (Establishing zones for purpose of nominating directors) or a petition to lengthen the course of study under ORS 335.495 (Election to lengthen course) may not be circulated for signatures until the prospective petition has been filed with the county clerk. The prospective petition must designate the names and residence addresses of not more than three persons as chief petitioner. The authority of the Secretary of State and the application of the election laws commence when the prospective petition is filed with the county clerk. The filing of the prospective petition is to be treated like a prospective petition for an initiative, referendum or recall. Except as otherwise provided in ORS 330.080 (Composition, purpose and organization of district boundary board) to 330.113 (Effect of change), ORS chapter 255 applies to the procedures applicable to petitions described in this subsection and the elections held on the petitions. [Formerly 331.002; 1993 c.136 §1; 2011 c.391 §2; 2013 c.1 §28; 2019 c.449 §10]

See annotations under ORS 331.002 in permanent edition.


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