Mediation and Arbitration

ORS 36.160
Participation by counties

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To qualify for a grant under ORS 36.155 (Grants for dispute resolution services in counties), a county shall notify the Dean of the University of Oregon School of Law in accordance with the schedule established by rule by the dean. Such notification shall be by resolution of the appropriate board of county commissioners or, if the programs are to serve more than one county, by joint resolution. A county providing notice may select the dispute resolution programs to receive grants under ORS 36.155 (Grants for dispute resolution services in counties) for providing dispute resolution services within the county from among qualified dispute resolution programs.


The county’s notification to the dean must include a statement of agreement by the county to engage in a selection process and to select as the recipient of funding an entity capable of and willing to provide dispute resolution services according to the rules of the dean. The award of a grant is contingent upon the selection by the county of a qualified entity. The dean may provide consultation and technical assistance to a county to identify, develop and implement dispute resolution programs that meet the standards and guidelines adopted by the dean under ORS 36.175 (Rules for administration of dispute resolution programs).


If a county does not issue a notification according to the schedule established by the dean, the dean may notify a county board of commissioners that the dean intends to make a grant to a dispute resolution program in the county. The dean may, after such notification, assume the county’s role under subsection (1) of this section unless the county gives the notice required by subsection (1) of this section. If the dean assumes the county’s role, the dean may contract with a qualified program for a two-year period. The county may, 90 days before the expiration of an agreement between a qualified program and the dean, notify the dean under subsection (1) of this section that the county intends to assume its role under subsection (1) of this section.


All dispute resolution programs identified for funding shall comply with the rules adopted under ORS 36.175 (Rules for administration of dispute resolution programs).


All funded dispute resolution programs shall submit informational reports and statistics as required by the dean. [1989 c.718 §13; 1991 c.538 §3; 1995 c.515 §1; 1997 c.801 §43; 2003 c.791 §17; 2005 c.817 §4d]


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