Mediation and Arbitration

ORS 36.470
Interim judicial relief

  • factors considered by court
  • determination of arbitral tribunal’s jurisdiction


It is not incompatible with an arbitration agreement for a party to request from a court, before or during arbitral proceedings, an interim measure of protection or for the court to grant such a measure.


Any party to an arbitration governed by ORS 36.450 (Definitions for ORS 36) to 36.558 (Short title) may request from the circuit court the enforcement of an order of an arbitral tribunal granting an interim measure of protection pursuant to ORS 36.486 (Interim measures of protection ordered by arbitral tribunal). Enforcement shall be granted pursuant to the law applicable to the granting of the type of interim relief requested.


Measures which the circuit court may grant in connection with a pending arbitration include, but are not limited to:


An order of attachment issued to assure that the award to which the applicant may be entitled is not rendered ineffectual by the dissipation of party assets.


A preliminary injunction granted in order to protect trade secrets or to conserve goods which are the subject matter of the arbitral dispute.


In considering a request for interim relief, the court, subject to subsection (5) of this section, shall give preclusive effect to any and all findings of fact of the arbitral tribunal, including the probable validity of the claim which is the subject of the award for interim relief that the arbitral tribunal has previously granted in the proceeding in question, provided that such interim award is consistent with public policy.


Where the arbitral tribunal has not ruled on an objection to its jurisdiction, the court shall not grant preclusive effect to the tribunal’s findings until the court has made an independent finding as to the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal. If the court rules that the arbitral tribunal did not have jurisdiction, the application for interim measures of relief shall be denied. Such a ruling by the court that the arbitral tribunal lacks jurisdiction is not binding on the arbitral tribunal or subsequent judicial proceedings. [1991 c.405 §12; 1993 c.244 §2]


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