Mediation and Arbitration

ORS 36.185
Referral of civil dispute to mediation

  • objection
  • information to parties

After the appearance by all parties in any civil action, except proceedings under ORS 107.700 (Short title) to 107.735 (Duties of State Court Administrator), 124.005 (Definitions for ORS 124) to 124.040 (Short title) or 163.760 (Definitions for ORS 163) to 163.777 (Fees or undertaking may not be required), a judge of any circuit court may refer a civil dispute to mediation under the terms and conditions set forth in ORS 36.185 (Referral of civil dispute to mediation) to 36.210 (Liability of mediators and programs). When a party to a case files a written objection to mediation with the court, the action shall be removed from mediation and proceed in a normal fashion. All civil disputants shall be provided with written information describing the mediation process, as provided or approved by the State Court Administrator, along with information on established court mediation opportunities. Filing parties shall be provided with this information at the time of filing a civil action. Responding parties shall be provided with this information by the filing party along with the initial service of filing documents upon the responding party. [1989 c.718 §19; 1993 c.327 §1; 1995 c.666 §13; 2003 c.791 §20; 2013 c.687 §12]


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