Mediation and Arbitration

ORS 36.410
Stipulation for arbitration

  • conditions
  • relief


In a civil action in a circuit court where all parties have appeared and agreed to arbitration by stipulation, the court shall refer the action to arbitration under ORS 36.400 (Mandatory arbitration programs) to 36.425 (Filing of decision and award) if:


The relief claimed is more than or other than recovery of money or damages.


The only relief claimed is recovery of money or damages and a party asserts a claim for money or general and special damages in an amount exceeding $50,000, exclusive of attorney fees, costs and disbursements and interest on judgment.


If a civil action is referred to arbitration under this section, the arbitrator may grant any relief that could have been granted if the action were determined by a judge of the court. [Formerly 33.370; 1995 c.618 §12; 1995 c.658 §32; 2005 c.274 §3]


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