Mediation and Arbitration

ORS 36.512


It is not incompatible with an arbitration agreement for an arbitral tribunal to encourage settlement of the dispute and, with the agreement of the parties, the arbitral tribunal may use mediation, conciliation or other procedures at any time during the arbitral proceedings to encourage settlement. If agreed by the parties, the members of the arbitral tribunal are not disqualified from resuming their roles as arbitrators by reason of the mediation, conciliation or other procedure.


If, during the arbitral proceedings, the parties settle the dispute, the arbitral tribunal shall terminate the proceedings and, if requested by the parties and not objected to by the arbitral tribunal, record the settlement in the form of an arbitral award on agreed terms.


An arbitral award on agreed terms shall be made in accordance with ORS 36.514 (Arbitral award) and shall state that it is an arbitral award.


An arbitral award on agreed terms has the same status and effect as any other arbitral award on the substance of the dispute. [1991 c.405 §33; 1993 c.244 §10]


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