Mediation and Arbitration

ORS 36.680
Judicial enforcement of preaward ruling by arbitrator

If an arbitrator makes a preaward ruling in favor of a party to the arbitration proceeding, the party may request the arbitrator to incorporate the ruling into an award under ORS 36.685 (Award). A prevailing party may make a petition to the court for an expedited order to confirm the award under ORS 36.700 (Confirmation of award), in which case the court shall summarily decide the petition. The court shall issue an order to confirm the award unless the court vacates, modifies, or corrects the award under ORS 36.705 (Vacating award) or 36.710 (Modification or correction of award). [2003 c.598 §18]
Note: See note under 36.600 (Definitions).
§§ 36.600 to 36.740

Notes of Decisions

Uniform Arbitration Act applies to actions filed on or after January 1, 2004, regarding agreement to arbitrate, regardless of date of agreement. Martin v. Comcast of California, 209 Or App 82, 146 P3d 380 (2006)

Uniform Arbitration Act applies to any arbitration agreement regardless of when arbitrating parties entered into agreement. Jeld-Wen, Inc. v. PacifiCorp, 240 Or App 124, 245 P3d 685 (2010)

Uniform Arbitration Act gives courts authority to deny motion to compel arbitration under arbitration clause on grounds that contract containing clause is unenforceable. Hinman v. Silver Star Group, LLC, 280 Or App 34, 380 P3d 994 (2016)


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