ORS 675.390
Confidentiality of communication by clients

  • exceptions

A certified sexual offense therapist, or any employee of a certified sexual offense therapist, may not disclose any communication made by a client during the course of noninvestigatory professional treatment or rehabilitation, except:


When the client or a person authorized to act on behalf of the client gives consent to the disclosure;


When the client initiates legal action or makes a complaint against a sexual offense therapist to the Sexual Offense Treatment Board;


When the communication reveals the intent to commit a crime harmful to the client or others;


When the communication reveals that a minor may have been a victim of a crime or physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect; or


To juvenile and adult parole and probation officers supervising the client under a mandated sex offender treatment condition imposed by a court or releasing authority. [2007 c.841 §9; 2019 c.68 §9]
Note: See note under 675.365 (Definitions for ORS 675).


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May 30, 2023