ORS 675.535

  • rules


The State Board of Licensed Social Workers may adopt rules to establish written examination requirements for:


The practice of baccalaureate social work under ORS 675.532 (Registration for practice of baccalaureate social work);


The practice of master’s social work under ORS 675.533 (Licensure for practice of master’s social work); or


Clinical social work licensure under ORS 675.530 (License).


The rules adopted by the board under this section shall specify the subjects on which an applicant may be examined, how the written examination is to be administered and the scoring or evaluation process used to determine whether an applicant has passed the examination. The board shall provide a copy of the rules to an applicant at least 30 days prior to any examination.


Examinations for authorizations to practice regulated social work conducted under ORS 675.510 (Definitions for ORS 675) to 675.600 (Duties of board) shall be held at least once every year at such times and places as the board may determine. Timely and appropriate notice shall be sent to each applicant.


Upon written request to the board, any applicant may discuss the applicant’s performance on the examination with the board.


Any applicant who fails to attain a passing grade on the examination shall be allowed to take the examination a second time. Any applicant who fails the examination a second time must obtain special permission from the board to take the examination again. [1989 c.721 §31; 2009 c.442 §10; 2013 c.60 §8]


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