ORS 675.765
Confidentiality of information

  • exceptions

A licensee or any employee of the licensee shall not disclose any communication given the licensee by a client in the course of noninvestigatory professional activity when such communication was given to enable the licensee to aid the client, except:


When the client or those persons legally responsible for the affairs of the client give consent to the disclosure;


When the client initiates legal action or makes a complaint against the licensed professional counselor or licensed marriage and family therapist to the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists;


When the communication reveals the intent to commit a crime or harmful act;


When the communication reveals that a minor is or is suspected to be the victim of a crime, abuse or neglect; or


When responding to an inquiry by the board made during the course of an investigation into the conduct of the licensee under ORS 676.165 (Complaint investigation) to 676.180 (Notice prior to disclosure). [1989 c.721 §8; 2001 c.120 §4]


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