ORS 675.400
Duties of board

The Sexual Offense Treatment Board shall:


Determine the qualifications and fitness of applicants for certification as clinical sexual offense therapists, associate sexual offense therapists, secondary clinical sexual offense therapists and sexual offense therapist interns under ORS 675.365 (Definitions for ORS 675) to 675.380 (Reciprocal certification).


Establish standards of practice and professional responsibility for persons certified by the Health Licensing Office.


Adopt standards for training, including but not limited to training related to the treatment of distinct sexual abuser populations, including adults, juveniles, persons with developmental disabilities and others.


Advise the office on all matters related to administering ORS 675.365 (Definitions for ORS 675) to 675.410 (Duties of Health Licensing Office under ORS 675) and recommend rules, standards and guidelines necessary for the administration of ORS 675.365 (Definitions for ORS 675) to 675.380 (Reciprocal certification). [2007 c.841 §8; 2013 c.314 §58; 2013 c.568 §15; 2019 c.68 §11]
Note: See note under 675.365 (Definitions for ORS 675).


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May 30, 2023